Дрогобицький машинобудівний завод
Дрогобицький машинобудівний завод
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JSC "Drogobych machine-building plant" is one of the largest manufacturers of modern and highly effective equipment for natural gas distribution and oil industry in Ukraine.

The plant was founded over 50 years ago and for this period a wide range of tools for oil-wells drilling and capital repare was put to the market:

- Calibrators КЛСВ, КЛСН, КЛВ, КЛН and Centrators ЦС;
- Joints for drilling column, joints and coupling for pump compression pipes(НКТ);
- Catching and repare tools (milling tools, drilling taps, catching caps, pipe catchers);
- КМ type elevators for drilling column;
- Spare parts for drilling pump УНБ-600, НБТ-600, 9Т (cylinders, rods, valves, pistons) etc.

JSC “Drogobych Machine-Building Plant” is also well known manufacturer of gas distribution station in Ukraine and throughout the world. From the start of manufacturing, in 70th years of last century, there were produced over 1100 gas pressure distribution stations with the capasity from 10 to 240 thousands cu.m. per hour according to the technical documentation projected on the base of typical project TP 402-2-8/71 which was designed by research institute VNIPITRASNGAS. Our stations are operate both in Ukraine, and in other contries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Moldova, Byelorussia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Georgia.

The expirienced and well equiped engineering team, so as certified inspectors, who cheked all stage of producing and the whole products, are at disposal of JSC “Drogobych Machine-Building Plant”. Quality Management System is sertified according to ISO 9001-2001.

All these factors allows us to carry out the multistage quality control of projecting and manufacturing process and guarantee the product quality with correspondance of technical requirements.



Розробник: dmz@dmz-vat.com